Monday, October 6, 2008

Tech Gal Necessities

There are certain things that every tech gal needs to be successful in San Francisco. My top five consist of:
  1. Amazing friends
  2. Consistent tech tools
  3. A bus pass
  4. A very large purse
  5. A high tolerance for bullsh*t and alcohol

1. I have amazing friends. Seriously, these girls rock it hardcore. Even though none of them are in tech, they always listen to me ramble about twitter, respond to my late night texts and sometimes even come with me to happy hours. Whether near or far (wink-wink to my ladies who don't reside in SF) I am surrounded by some pretty great gals.

2. Tech tools that actually work are key. My crackberry saves my life on a daily basis. Whether checking, finding a restaurant anywhere in the city or tweeting while on the bus, it keeps me in the loop. An ipod is also key. I do a ton of walking around the city and music makes everything go faster. And of course a laptop, duh.

3. Fast Past...'nuff said. I take the bus probably 4-5 times a day and it makes my life a better place. Plus, I'm ALWAYS running to the bus, so it's great to not have to dig in my wallet for change every time.

4. While Teddy R. carried a big stick, every tech gal needs a huge purse. Whether it's flipflops because your heels will hurt after one lap around the bar, snacks for a long night out, or your laptop, jacket, phone charger, camera and a ridiculous amount of schwag you have accumulated over the period of a night, it pays to have something to lug it around in.

5. Both are important. Falling over after a beer is not a successful networking tool neither is walking away from someone even if they are boring. Trust me, I have seen both in action and it never ends well.

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ellevee said...

great post and great advice, tech cal. super cute blog!