Friday, October 3, 2008

GOBAMA in the city...

While I could have attended one of the many tech functions happening last night as a loyal Obama fan, watching last night's debate was an absolute necessity. I had previously arranged drinks with a friend at 83 Proof, a local SOMA haunt with an excellent top shelf liquor collection and I assumed that the the debate would be on. Of course, when I got to the bar, the TV had been taken over by a group of typical FiDi blue shirt and khaki wearing boys who were insistent on watching some baseball game. Really? There is an opportunity to watch Palin crash and burn and the game is on your mind?

With the crackberry in hand (every good tech gal needs one!) I was able to find an Obama rally/debate watching party less than two blocks away at Temple. It was an interesting crowd; young professionals mixed with older hippies, SF locals and East Bay visitors...all exceptionally passionate about Obama. Good times were had all around.

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