Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tech Gal Dating Rules

I have heard that SF has more singles than any other city in the U.S. and I totally believe it. I have an overabundance of smart, beautiful, driven, single girlfriends and I feel like most of the guys we meet are losers. I recently asked some of said girlfriends about their wonderful dating and bar hopping experiences (we have all done our fair share) and there are certain things that us SF gals don't stand for.

1. Being incommunicado or flaky -- The biggest turn off EVER in my mind. My time is valuable and canceling at the last minute is an excellent way to get booted out of my cellphone.

2. Cheesy pickup lines -- No, I have not been running through your head all day. And no, I do not want to attend the party in your pants. Do these really work anymore?

3. Stupid bar tricks -- While pounding a beer might have seemed cool when I was in high school, those days have long gone. I'm not going drink for drink with you either.

4. Talking smack about my friends -- Don't tell me that you think my friend is a b*tch, because I just met you and I've known her for half my life. I wonder who I will side with?

5. Bringing up an ex girlfriend -- We just met, so why are you even going there? It doesn't show sensitivity, it shows that you just want to talk about your ex-girlfriend who is the LAST person I want to hear about on a first date.

6. Looking at yourself in the mirror behind the bar -- Really? Seriously? I'm standing RIGHT HERE. I can see YOU!

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barce said...

Hey, I'm sorry you are meeting loser guys.