Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Vaaaaalley

While I am an SF gal at heart, trips to the valley are both necessary and appreciated. Whether it's Palo Alto, San Jose, Mountain View or even the dreaded Sunnyvale (soooo far!) it is nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of San Francisco. That said, the valley has its own form of bustle, it's just often on El Camino instead of Market St. I'm often surprised how many people commute daily between the SF and the SV, I did it myself for a year and I'm glad that time is behind me. Plus now when I do go I can take the train which makes my life SO much easier. My only issue is that the train doesn't have wireless! A lot of other public transpo options in SF do have it, one would think the major connector between two technology hubs would get it together! Life is hard when a tech gal can't always get what she wants...

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ellevee said...

um yah, why wouldnt the two tech hubs of america not have wireless linked between themselves, come on silicon valley, get with the program.
--avid follwer (obviously)