Thursday, October 16, 2008

SF vs. NYC -- the great debate

I am sure that at some point someone will bother me and say that SF is not THE city, simply a city. I recognize that many believe NYC to be the end-all, but as far as the silicon valley is concerned that is not the case. Yes, there is the silicon ALLEY (New York) and yes, there are several other large tech hubs across this wonderful world of ours (London, Tokyo, etc) but when it comes down to it, it's called the silicon valley for a REASON. The valley is the hub for innovation, technology, and venture capitalists. Even really large European companies often set up teeny-tiny offices to prove that they have a valley presence. So when I say city, I mean my version of THE city which happens to be a short drive away from the silicon VALLEY. This is my world and I'm not ashamed.

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ellevee said...

tech gal, i heard you attended a fabulous party on friday. i want to read about it, please post soon :)