Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Accidental Tech Gal Workouts

I'm ever so sorry for the lack of posts the last few days, it was a busy weekend and has been an even busier week thus far. I had a few friends in town from LA, tons of errands, and few rooftop gatherings to attend to better see the lovely blue angels. Us tech gals can't always sleep, eat or work out as much as we like so I'm dedicating tonight's post to accidental tech gal workouts.

1. Hauling a** to the bus -- or other forms of public transpo...I know I referenced this before, but I don't think I can stress how often I do this. I blame nextmuni.com and the crackberry...as soon as I see there is a bus coming and by sprinting two blocks I will save myself 15 minutes of waiting, I just can't say no. Sunday is an excellent example; I forced my brunch mates to sprint across Van Ness in order to catch the bus before it sped off. Of course, I was the one leading the charge and who triumphantly caught the doors while gasping "HOLD THE BUS" -- but what did you expect?

2. Climbing hills in SF -- and by climbing hills, I mean just trying to visit my friends. SF is full of hills (my friend who was here this weekend was flabbergasted that we walked everywhere/no one had cars) and you have to be prepared. I carry flipflops in my huge purse pretty much 24/7 because if I don't, my feet bleed from the heels and I just can't handle that. Have you ever tried walking up to Union from Polk street? What about up Dolores street through Noe Valley? And North Beach is a whole other issue that I'm not even going to bother going into.

3. Carrying all your crap -- Being a city girl I have to carry everything with me. This means when I go to the gym, grocery shopping, or even lugging my laptop from work, I gotta handle it all on my own. Now if you combine carrying all your crap with numbers one and two above, you've got yourself an even bigger problem. I received my wine club shipment today and let me tell you, dragging an awkward box on the bus was definitely not enjoyable. Plus, I find myself limiting my grocery options to things that are light so this means no heavy liquids, canned goods and forget laundry detergent!

4. Stairs -- My office building has seriously the scariest elevator ever. Every day I feel like it's touch and go. I know you may think I'm making a big deal out of nothing but seriously our mail lady told me our elevator was the worst out of any on her ENTIRE route! It often acts up which forces us to climb the five or so flights of teeny tiny devil stairs and by the time you get to the top, you practically keel over in pain. Of course this is completely independent of stairs in residential dwellings (SF, people, SF) that I'm not even going to get into!

Ah, the joys of being a tech gal! At least we burn calories faster than your average chica, right?


ellevee said...

it seems as though you never need to hit the gym, youre doing cardio and lifting weights everyday already! cute post!

Tech Gal said...

thanks for being an amazing fan, ellevee!

melly said...

Dear anonymous tech gal,

You and your blog are so freaking cute!

Love, Melly

Tech Gal said...

aww thanks miss melly! feel free to come back and visit soon!