Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dude, Update Your Blog

Today one of my friends IMed me "dude, update your blog" so I guess it's about time. (PS, how psyched am I that I have actual readers who care...kick a**!)

It has been a crazy couple of weeks particularly since my roommate went and got engaged to her bf (I am happy for them...I swear!) and they are kicking me out of the apt. Let me just tell you that with the shoddy economy and the tough housing market in SF as is, it has not been fun. Plus work has been super crazy and you know how we all have family requirements around the holidays! Anyways, back to apt hunting in SF. I read recently that San Francisco is the most expensive place to rent in the entire United States next to NYC. I get that SF is an exceptionally desirable place to live (duh, why else would I want to live here?!) but this really irks me because moving really sucks. Like really sucks. And finding a place to move TO really, really sucks. So basically, I have started to spend all my free time on Craig's List. And not in a creepy way, (no missed connections for me, thank you!) but in a practical way. As soon as a new room goes up in one of my four or five target locations, I recraft my "pick me, pick me, I'm an awesome roommate" email (which by the way has had record responses this time around...apparently I'm doing something right!) and shoot it off right away. With that said, I guess I am being pretty picky this time around also since I have already turned down a couple of places. I just keep on thinking the perfect place, with the perfect roommate(s) at the perfect price will show that too much to ask?

PS -- How cool is this house?! I know where it is too, the colors are unreal in person.


laine said...

boo for the apt search. the last one was so pretty! My advice? live in a colorful house, if that's at all possible. Must be good for you, right?

Tech Gal said...

I will see what I can do on the colorful house situation, though I do think the one in this photo might be slightly overkill.