Saturday, November 1, 2008

Seriously? SERIOUSLY.

So as I have mentioned before, I am an overly connected person. I am constantly texting, mobile internet-ing, twittering, and facebook updating. Generally, I like to know what all my friends are doing at any given time but recently something went seriously wrong. I love twitter, I really do. Those adorable 140 character updates sometimes make my day. Today was not that day.

There once was a boy, let's call him silly tech boy 1.0, who is also overly connected and exceptionally busy like myself. Silly tech boy 1.0 (or STB 1.o for short) had expressed interest in going on a date a few weeks back, but it hasn't quite happened yet. STB 1.0 was happy to tweet when he was hitting all the tech parties, enjoying a movie, or visiting other friends, yet could not make time to call a wonderful tech gal like myself back. So, I decided to unfollow STB 1.0 on twitter because honestly I didn't need to know what he was doing 24/7.

And here comes the seriously part. Less than TWO HOURS LATER I receive a forwarded email from STB 1.0 from a lovely (and now hated) service, called qwitter. The service sends you an email every time someone stops following you on twitter and apparently STB 1.0 had signed up for the service and KNEW that I stopped following him. How embarrassing is that? How was I supposed to know that this freaking technology existed!? I had a friend who recently got called on un-friending someone on facebook, but I had NO idea that you could tell when someone stopped following you on twitter. I mean, I love technology, I really do, but what was the service's parent company thinking when they created the service? Did they know it advance that it would totally mess with my afternoon? And NOW I have to freaking explain myself to STB 1.0...Seriously? SERIOUSLY!!!!


laine said...

dude, maybe that's a good thing... just be like, "yeah, you never called me, so I wasn't gonna waste my time." Then, if HE has a reasonable excuse for not calling, you re-follow him, or whatever it is that you twitter people do.

Tech Gal said...

loved your response, ms. laine!